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     Digibox offers network bonding for live streaming to social media.

    Network bonding combines Ethernet connections, cell networks (both 3G and 4G LTE) VIA WI-FI hotspots, and USB cell netowrk dongles.

    Now you can broadcast live even in areas with negligible internet connections.

    We are now accepting reservations for the month of March, 2018

  • Wirecast by Telestream
    Wirecast by Telestream

    Digibox Live Streaming Service is powered by WIRECAST, the award-winning video production software.
    Go live with multiple cameras, scoreboards, graphics and remote guests.
    Wirecast makes it easy to stream amazing-looking live and pre-recorded video to Facebook Live, Youtube, Vimeo, Twitter, Periscope and more.
    Our package includes three (3) HD cameras, Blackmagic ATEM HD Production Swithcer, and the Wirecast Live Video Streaming Production Software.

  • Live Streaming of Yellow Cab Pitch Your Hunger Awards Night
    Live Streaming of Yellow Cab Pitch Your Hunger Awards Night

    Livestreaming of Yellowcab Pitch Your Hunger Awards Night
    Streamed by Digibox Prodhouse
    Organized by GetHooked360
    November 24, 2017
    Burgos Eats, BGC

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  • Jadine X Motorola FB Live
    Jadine X Motorola FB Live

    Digibox live streams the Jadine X Motorola FB Live event!

    Gethooked360, a digitial marketing agency, hired Digibox Audiovisual Productions to broadcast Motorola's online live session with James and Nadine last September 2, 2017.