Video Cameras

HDV/HD Video Camera Rentals:

Sony A6400 Mirrorless Camera

  • Panasonic AVCCAM-AC90
  • Panasonic AVCCAM-45

special rates for events organizers, indie filmmakers, and students

We offer discounts for "two days or more" equipment rental.  5% discount on second day of rental; 10% discount on 2nd day of rental, 15% on 3rd day of rental.

Sony A6400 Mirrorless Camera

P 5,850 (2 days)
P 8,550 (3 days)
P15,000 (1 week)

sony a600


Panasonic AG-AC90

P 5,850 (2 days)
P 8,550 (3 days)
P15,000 (1 week)

Panasonic AC90

Panasonic AG-HMC40

P 3,900 (2 days)
P 5,700 (3 days)
P 7,500 (1 week)


All camera rentals include the following:

  • tripod
  • 2 pcs battery pack
  • pick-up/drop off arrangement

Cameraman (2,500/8hrs)

  • Caretaker (P600/8hrs)


*a Rental Contract, 2 government issued ID, and company ID is required if client opts to exclude the Caretaker

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