About Us

Digibox Audiovisual Productions Co. is a Video Production Team and Studio offering video production, HD video editing, animation, special effects, video projection mapping, and interactive video design/installations. 

Digibox produces AVPs, video documentaries, short films, events coverage, live streaming of live events, and design of Interactive Video Projection/Video Mapping. 

Our Workflow:

Digibox is a company that leverages on a scalable staffing model. We maintain a core Creative Team composed of practitioners from the film and television industry.

Depending on client requirements, we can quickly and easily tap into our network of media resources and professionals who are invited to be part of a special team to deliver the demands specific to the projects of our clients. This network includes 3rd party vendors and suppliers of video production and post production equipment/facilities.

DIGIBOX collaborates with GOs/NGOs, Television Outfits, event organizers, independent andfreelance filmmakers. 

Digibox is a small house with big ideas.

We are located in Kamias, Quezon City.

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Digibox Audiovisual Productions Co.

      48-B, K-7 St. West Kamias, QC
      (632) 8912-54-46
      (832) 77172074
facebook: @digiboxprodhouse
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