Video Post Production


Sit-down editing (per hour)

  • P500/hr
  • Mac Pro 6-Core Editing Suite
  • non-linear video editor
  • audio recording booth

Packaged Editing (per project)

  • non-linear video editors
  • graphics artists / animators
  • SFX artist (After Effects)
  • voice-over recording booth
  • mini-studio

*Price is inclusive of 3% Sales Tax

Client: ABS-CBN/Knowledge Channel

Umbra Animation Series


Levi's Engineered Jeans Campus Tour

  • Client: Levi's
  • Production House: Digibox Audio Visual Productions

Dance Video

  • a mixture of hdv and cellphone video
  • Post Production: Digibox Audio Visual Productions

excerpts from a mood setter video

  • Agency/Events Organizer: Innospecs
  • Post Prod: Digibox Audio Visual Productions

Digibox Audiovisual Productions Co.

      48-B, K-7 St. West Kamias, QC
      (632) 8912-54-46
      (832) 77172074
facebook: @digiboxprodhouse
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