Chroma Background

Impact Chroma Cloth


  • collapsible
  • green
  • 8 feet by 16 feet
  • with chroma stand (2 pcs and 10 feet horizontal bar)

impact chroma2impact chroma

Practical to use in studio or on location; waterproof

Material: 100% high-quality cotton, to abosrb light and help eliminate reflections

Super-collapsible background is stretched on a sturdy, self-supporting steel frame. No stand is needed when installed on a wall.

Use as an 8x8' backdrop or unfurl the 8' long apron through the panel slit to extend the background along the floor.

Folds into a compact circle of 3.3' (1m) for easy transportation

*a Rental Contract or cash bond equivalent to the prevailing market price of equipment is required if client opts to exclude the Caretaker

pick-up/drop off arrangement
Caretaker: P500/8hrs
Door-to-door Delivery: P600

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