Wednesday, 09 September 2015 00:00 Written by  lazandre

Our team was tapped by 'plusheventsupplies' for their multi-camera video coverage and multiple LED wall management of PISAY's Homecoming 2015.

The video set-up required two LED Walls, one placed at the center of the stage, while the other LED wall was split into two and positioned to sandwhich the main LED wall.

Client's requirement was for us to be able to feed Multi-media presentations (AVPs, short video clips, Powerpoint Presentations) on the main LED wall AND/OR on the two split LED walls.  Another requirement was to connect a 4th LED wall at the swimming pool area, located outside the main stage.  The 4th LED wall should not just be a mirror of what's happening at the main stage since the two areas have different viewing requirements - which means more Wide Shots for the swimming pool audience.  

To do this, we used the Auxillary Output feature of the Blackmagic Switcher and a Matrox Triple Head.  We recommend this set-up whenever a client requires management of three LED walls - as an alternative to the more expensive Dataton Watchout system.

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